I dropped in to visit some friends at WRKC 88.5, King’s College radio, and talk about the upcoming Concert for a Cause 9 earlier this week!  If you weren’t able to tune in to catch the live performance on the radio,  I’m happy to report that there is a vid right here:

88.5 WRKC » k8 Performs Live at WRKC.

This was a super bonus for me because I’m not able to play and record at the same time, you know! Thanks to Sue Henry and her crew for having me.  What a great time!

So now for a Public Service Announcement about Concert for a Cause 9!  There are still copies of the Concert for a Cause 9 companion CD available at Gallery of Sound!  The record, which features my brand new tune, The Wait, exclusively right now, also includes tunes from your favorite CFC artists including The Badlees, Lemongelli, Underground Saints, MiZ, and so many more! That’s 2 CDs, 30 songs, for $5.  Don’t miss your chance to get this copy from the final show.

I’m bringing a hot band of boys with me to the show this year so get ready for a good time!  We’re going to be playing a lot of my newer tunes that will be on my currently-in-progress-album!  I’m doing double time this year at Concert for a Cause.  In addition to my original set, I’m also playing with Flaxy Morgan! (Come like our new page on Facebook, while you’re at it!  I’m super psyched about this bc now I get to choose 2 rockstar outfits instead of 1! 🙂  I’m sure the fine ladies of Bettie & Co. will be able to help me out with that! (If you haven’t been there, go! It’s my fave!!)

Getting back to my new record, it’s well on its way to finally becoming a reality, courtesy of the undying love and support of my family and some of the best friends a singer/songwriter chick could ever have.. Just when I thought I couldn’t do it, ya’ll stood up and reminded me that I could…. and for that I am forever grateful.  Stay tuned for more on the album- and watch for me to post videos on Twitter and Facebook as we go!

And.. that’s the scoop for now…  Catch you @ a show soon!

ready to rock,






So every now and then you happen to be in the right place at the right time… and last night, I had one of those moments!  It’s become an annual family tradition to take my mom out for Hibachi to celebrate her birthday.  Last week, I made all the arrangements and we opted to go to Mizu Sushi in the WB.  The fam hadn’t yet been there, so I thought it would be fun for them to try a diff spot.  The plan was set for Tuesday 3/15 @ 7:30PM.

So last night we did our thing and headed for Mizu… only to stumble into the band, Gloriana… and it turned out to be one of my mom’s favorite birthday nights ever.  Those guys n girls are some of the nicest musicians I’ve ever met… and I’ve been digging on them since I first saw the video for “Wild at Heart” on GAC maybe a year or a year and a half ago or so… Last night, they had just done a set over at Froggy 101 to support their new single, “Wanna Take You Home” which you can get a copy of right at that link.  Do it.

Anyway, very special thanks to them for making my mom’s bday and our family’s night out even more special!  Here’s a pic of me n Mom with the band:

Incredibly talented, good people…. They do still exist.

oh- and did I mention they liked my jacket? Way Cool.

love n music,






  1. The album includes my brand new song, The Wait (exclusively!)
  2. 30 songs for $5- that’s 2 CDs, people!
  3. ALL proceeds benefit Big Brothers/Big Sisters Anti Bullying Program
  4. They might be gone before you go to get yours at the show! Why wait?
  5. Because I sell them like Girl Scout Cookies.
  6. Ummm. My mom said to buy it.
  7. So you don’t have to carry it around all night at the actual show.
  8. Because we want a sellout!
  9. If you really want to impress me, you’ll buy 20.
  10. My mom will autograph it at the show if you can prove that you bought it in advance.

So whether you’re in NEPA and you can walk over to the Gallery of Sound.. or if you’re in Chicago and need to have it delivered to your door-  you’ve got no excuse!  Pick up a copy now.. Here’s the linky dink:


Rock.  And see you there.


I’m proud to report that I’ve donated one of my brand new songs- a song from my incredibly long awaited followup album that has yet to be named- to the Concert for a Cause 9 CD.  My brand new song, The Wait, is one of many songs on the album donated by incredibly talented local artists, to benefit this year’s cause, the Big Brothers Big Sisters Anti-Bullying Programs.

The Official Concert for a Cause 9 CD Release Party is this Thursday, February 10, in the Streamside Lounge at The Woodlands.  I know, it’s a Thursday (“a school night”) so you probably have a lot going on… The party starts at 9pm- that’s way before your bedtime- you don’t need to stay all night or even drink at all.  (Although you are certainly welcome to have a drink or two with me!). But on a more serious note, it would mean a lot to me if  all of you (plus your friends and their friends, etc.) could drop by in full force and pick up a copy of the album.  It’s $5 (which goes to Big Brothers/Big Sisters Anti Bullying Programs) and you’ll get my brand new song, The Wait, along with 29 other songs from some of the area’s finest musicians- including The Badlees, Lemongelli, Underground Saints, MiZ, Ed Randazzo, Eddie Appnel, Cabinet, 40lb Head, Panacea, and too many more to name here!

In a nutshell:

5 bucks = 30 good songs, supporting local original music, AND making a difference.  You can’t go wrong.

I’m counting on you to stop in and grab your copy… Many of the musicians featured on the album will be hanging out too, so it’s a great time for autographs.  Then you could say you knew us when.. 😉

Say you’ll be there.


To learn more about Concert for a Cause:



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Happy New Year, everyone! 2011 is just about here and I’m starting it off right.. So it’s time to ask the Universe for these boots.  Love love love love love them. That’s all I have to say about that.

Alrighty, folks! The work week should be complete for most of us at this point!  Congrats! We made it! 🙂

I had a great time kicking off the Christmas festivities last night at The Weekender/Mountaingrown Holiday Special.  What a blast!  It was really great to play and share music with so many friends! Thanks to Alan K. Stout for putting it all together and to all the musicians that rocked it!  Amazing time.

So.. I know, I called this post, “Pieces for Christmas” and you’re probably like.. umm, what is that about?  I’m running a very special little holiday promo for a limited time only!  Starting right now, you can download, “Pieces of You” from my first CD, Something Out of Nothing, ABSOLUTELY FREE right HERE.. So, if you didn’t have a copy already, now is your big chance! Go get it! Tell your friends!

I hope all of you have a great Christmas!  And if you’re looking for some great music, there is a big show happening Sunday night that you won’t want to miss.  Catch my friends, The Badlees, Lemongelli, Panacea, and Underground Saints Sunday night @ The Woodlands.  $10 gets you in… and that’s a small price for some big talent.

So quick recap:

Download a free k8 song: Pieces of You

Big Rock Show Sun 12/26: http://bit.ly/badlees1226

Merry Christmas, everyone!

love n music,

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the holidays so far! I’m really psyched to hang with family and friends this year… I especially can’t wait for Mom’s pierogies on Christmas Eve and Aunt Mary’s rum balls!  Woot!  Good food and good company.

And by good company, I do mean ALL OF YOU!  Nothing is complete without music to me.. so I’m excited to be playing at the Weekender/Mountaingrown Holiday Special tonight and am counting on all of you to come out and rock with us!

Tonight’s show will feature very special acoustic performances of your favorite Chrismas tunes by your favorite local artists: Dustin Drevitch (of Lemongelli and The Badlees), Ed & Dawn Randazzo, Mike Miz, Shawn Z., Plus 3, The Underground Saints, Nowhere Slow, OurAfter, and…. ME!

Although we ‘d much rather you join us in person, if you’re not able to come out for some reason (maybe you are a beautiful princess being held hostage in a fairy tale tower.. or perhaps you are a Secret Agent on a mission in Hawaii) you can still be part of the festivities!  We’re gonna be live on the radio too!  And not just ANY radio- we’re talking about one of my favorites, 102 The Mountain.  Music starts @ 10pm- so don’t be late!  The radio waits for no one! 🙂

There are some links n stories n stuff about the show below, so check em out.. And then we’ll see you at The Woodlands!


YouTube – Weekender/Mountaingrown Holiday Special.