k8’s Live Performance on 88.5 WRKC, Concert for a Cause 9, and the New Record…

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

I dropped in to visit some friends at WRKC 88.5, King’s College radio, and talk about the upcoming Concert for a Cause 9 earlier this week!  If you weren’t able to tune in to catch the live performance on the radio,  I’m happy to report that there is a vid right here:

88.5 WRKC » k8 Performs Live at WRKC.

This was a super bonus for me because I’m not able to play and record at the same time, you know! Thanks to Sue Henry and her crew for having me.  What a great time!

So now for a Public Service Announcement about Concert for a Cause 9!  There are still copies of the Concert for a Cause 9 companion CD available at Gallery of Sound!  The record, which features my brand new tune, The Wait, exclusively right now, also includes tunes from your favorite CFC artists including The Badlees, Lemongelli, Underground Saints, MiZ, and so many more! That’s 2 CDs, 30 songs, for $5.  Don’t miss your chance to get this copy from the final show.

I’m bringing a hot band of boys with me to the show this year so get ready for a good time!  We’re going to be playing a lot of my newer tunes that will be on my currently-in-progress-album!  I’m doing double time this year at Concert for a Cause.  In addition to my original set, I’m also playing with Flaxy Morgan! (Come like our new page on Facebook, while you’re at it!  I’m super psyched about this bc now I get to choose 2 rockstar outfits instead of 1! 🙂  I’m sure the fine ladies of Bettie & Co. will be able to help me out with that! (If you haven’t been there, go! It’s my fave!!)

Getting back to my new record, it’s well on its way to finally becoming a reality, courtesy of the undying love and support of my family and some of the best friends a singer/songwriter chick could ever have.. Just when I thought I couldn’t do it, ya’ll stood up and reminded me that I could…. and for that I am forever grateful.  Stay tuned for more on the album- and watch for me to post videos on Twitter and Facebook as we go!

And.. that’s the scoop for now…  Catch you @ a show soon!

ready to rock,





  1. Sandy says:

    Awesome! Wish I caught your performance. While we’re on the topic of concerts for a cause, you might want to check out Hangout Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Here’s the video about it:

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